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Nigerian Youths Threaten To Shutdown MTN, Shoprite, Multichoice/DSTV Over Xenophobic Attacks

Some youths, under the aegis of The Flagship, have threatened to shutdown South African firms operating in Nigeria over the alleged killing of Nigerians and looting of their property in the ongoing xenophobic attacks in South Africa.

The aggrieved youths said this on Monday during a protest at the office of telecommunications giant, MTN, on 3rd East Circular Road, Muritala Muhammed Way, in Benin. the Edo State capital.

They also carried placards with several inscriptions, some of which read, ‘Xenophobia is ‎inhuman’, ‘Zuma, call your boys to order’ and ‘S/Africans can’t be making money from us, killing us’.

Spokesperson for the group, Austin Enabulele, described the alleged attacks as inhuman and condemnable, adding that the protest was a warning to the South African government to put a stop to the attacks on Nigerians or risk losing its foreign investments.

Enabulele said, “We are all Africans; we wonder why they should attack our fellow Nigerians who are doing their legitimate business in South Africa, when we have shown them love to operate in Nigeria.

“We have come here to say to (President Jacob) Zuma to call his people to order(caution them) because if he fails to call them to order(caution them) we will do the needful. We are aware of all their business in Nigeria; we know of MTN; we know of Shoprite; we know of Multichoice company and we know of every other companies that belong to South Africa.

“We will shut down all their services if they continue the killing of our brothers and sisters. So, we have come here to tell them to put an end to the killing of our brothers and sisters, who are doing their legitimate jobs in South Africa.”

Also speaking, the Vice President of the group, Gloria Noren‎, decried what she described as ingratitude of South Africans, whom she said had received financial support from Nigeria during the apartheid era.

Revealed! Most Newlyweds Don’t Have Sex On Wedding Nights

sorry, no sex tonight!

It is no news that after wedding ceremony, newlywed couples usually rush to their bridal suite or hotel room to have some post-nuptial romantic exercise or sexual congress. It is usually one night too many for many, mainly for the romp in the sack (great sex), and the eager consummation of the marriage that follows that long and enduring expectation is usually historic and unique.

According to some religious beliefs, people are not expected to have sexual intercourse until they are legally married, hence, the high sexual plans and expectation built around the wedding night cannot be over-emphasised.

However, in spite of the high expectation and readiness of either or both parties, studies have shown that many end up not having sex on the wedding night. Perhaps the tradition of wedding night sex is fading away.

Reasons adduced for this trend include exhaustion, fatigue, intoxication, physiological stress and emotional overload. Regardless, weddings are beautiful and lovely, but they can be exhausting and tiring.

One of the studies pointed out that the groom being too drunk to make love, the bride falling asleep and couples having arguments during the wedding ceremony, especially at the reception, were popular reasons why couples don’t consummate their marriage. While another study emphasised that the refusal or inability of many to wait until marriage before having sex has reduced the significance and once-upon-a-time importance attached to wedding night sex.

In this study, a United Kingdom-based stationeries company, PaperShaker, surveyed 1,000 newlyweds. It was found that the biggest reason for the decline in wedding night sex was that many people don’t wait until marriage to have sex.

In fact, about 16 per cent of the participants admitted to having more sex since becoming engaged. While 25 per cent said they did not have sex on their wedding night. Also, about 60 per cent said they slept with two or more of their wedding guests, more so because about 30 per cent said they invited their ex-lovers to their wedding. Men were more guilty of this.

It could be deduced that majority of couples getting married have already been around the block in the bedroom together, so the rush to finally do it on their wedding night isn’t nearly as intense or necessary.

Commenting on the study, a relationship expert, April Masini, said sex on the wedding night used to symbolise the end of virginity that was guarded until marriage unlike now that it has become more fashionable to have sex before marriage. “Because sex before marriage is now the norm, the tradition has lost its meaning, so sex on the wedding night might not have the significance that it used to,” she said.

In another survey by a money-saving website, VoucherCodesPro, which involved 2,128 newlyweds, it was found that more than 52 per cent of the participants didn’t have sex on their wedding night.
There were many reasons given for this unfulfilled expectation. These include the bride or the groom getting drunk, the bride or the groom being too tired and falling asleep, couples having argument during wedding reception, travelling to their honeymoon destination and looking after or being distracted by their children, for those who already had children before marriage.

Other reasons given by the participants include staying up all night partying and celebrating with guests and that neither of them felt like having sex, for whatever reason.
The Marketing Director, Voucher Codes Pro, George Charles, said the emphasis of sex on wedding night for married couples is no longer a huge factor because of several reasons.
He said, “It may be that the stress and pressure of organising a wedding take the main priority, especially considering such a large proportion of couples have been together for years.
“From this study, we gathered that about 52 per cent said they did not make love on their wedding night while 17 per cent of them waited for more than three days after the ceremony.
“Of those who did not consummate their marriage on their wedding night, 24 per cent said it was because the groom was too drunk. 16 per cent said it was because the bride was too tired and fell asleep, while 13 per cent said the bride was too drunk. In four per cent of cases, it was the groom who fell asleep.

“Furthermore, 11 per cent said it was because they had their children to look after, and nine per cent admitted that they had an argument before the wedding reception ended, hence, they could not have sex.”

According to the report, nine per cent of the participants said they spent their wedding night travelling to their honeymoon destination, while seven per cent stayed up all night partying and celebrating with guests. Interestingly, only four per cent said neither of them felt like having sex.
Other reasons given include being busy with saying goodbyes, revelling in some shindig with friends and colleagues in attendance, and in some cases, while the bride or groom was busy with friends or attending to friends and making sure all was well, the partner had gone to sleep.

According to one of the participants in the survey, she said her bridegroom left shortly after the reception, and she was the only one who said goodbye to their guests. “When I finally got the chance to break away from the crowd, I returned to my honeymoon suite to see that my drunken husband had locked me out. He shut the door and slept off.

“I knocked, I banged, I yelled and called his cell and the room phone over and over, until some other guests in the hotel called the security to stop me. I had to go down to his parents’ room and confessed what had happened and spent the night with them.

“The most surprising thing was that my husband was utterly oblivious to the chaos, mayhem and embarrassment he had caused the night before. He wasn’t aware.”
It is also worthy of note that many couples see wedding as a once in a lifetime event, thus putting on a celebratory nature to make it memorable.

In another survey by Chillisauce, an events company in the UK, 67 per cent of British couples don’t actually have sex on their wedding night. About 5,000 people responded to the wedding survey.

Meanwhile, a survey by an online dating site,, which polled 11,243 of its married American members showed that nearly half of American couples don’t consummate their marriage on their wedding night, as about 42 per cent didn’t have sex on the day.

Commenting on the study, a psychologist, Prof. Toba Elegbeleye, said there is a possibility of drunkenness and tiredness on wedding day due to the number of activities that characterise the ceremony, but that tiredness would be a stronger factor than drunkenness. He noted that wedding in this part of the world usually comes with travelling, which could be tiring.

He added that wedding night sex has lost relevance because many couples these days would have satisfied themselves sexually before wedding and there would be nothing to look forward to again.
He said, “In the time when people go into marriage with their virginity, wedding night may symbolise an exciting experience and something to look forward to, but nowadays, the cases of couples who haven’t had sex before wedding are very rare. This is because people would have had all the sex they needed for their lifetime before the wedding day that they may not be in a hurry to have sex that night.

“Also, for people who have not had sex before wedding, they may be faced with the issue of anti-climax because of anxiety and some physiological stress because anxiety about sex hampers performance. So, issues of tiredness, drunkenness and inability of couples to refrain from sex before wedding all make wedding night sex to be not so achievable and interesting.”


ISIL Claims Massacre of Ethiopian Christians in Libya

A new video from the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) purportedly shows the group killing captured Ethiopian Christians in Libya.

The 29-minute video released online on Sunday shows two groups of dark-skinned captives. It says one group is held by an ISIL affiliate in eastern Libya and the other by an affiliate in the south.

A masked fighter delivers a long statement before the video switches between footage of the captives in the south being shot to death and the captives in the east being beheaded on a beach.

The footage released online shows one group of about 12 men being beheaded by armed men on a beach and another group of at least 16 being shot in the head in a desert area.

It was not immediately clear who the captives were.

The video bore the official logo of the ISIL media arm Al-Furqan and resembled previous videos released by the group.

A text on the screen identifies the men as “followers of the cross from the enemy Ethiopian Church.”

(Al Jazeera)

I dream of Ballon d'Or win - Zouma


Kurt Zouma admits that he “dreams” of winning the Fifa Ballon d’Or, having broken into Jose Mourinho's first-team plans at Chelsea this season.

The powerful young Frenchman has made 11 appearances in the Premier League thus far this season and impressed as a defensive midfielder in the Blues’ 1-0 win over Manchester United on Saturday.

But Zouma reveals he has even grander ambitions for his career - namely, to follow in the footsteps of Italy legend Fabio Cannavaro by winning the Fifa Ballon d'Or as a defender.

"Yes, it's a dream for me,” he told Canal + when asked about his desire to win the prestigious award. “I am someone who dreams.”

Zouma has been likened to former Chelsea captain Marcel Desailly due to his athleticism, tenacity and tacical versatility, but he has played down such comparisons.

"People often compare me to Marcel Desailly, but he has made his career,” he added. “This is a football legend. He played in a lot of big games. I have only just arrived and I still have a lot to prove. "
Zouma was signed from Saint-Etienne in January 2014 and immediately loaned back to the Ligue 1 club for the remainder of the campaign, but despite taking his time to fully earn Mourinho's trust, the 20-year-old is adamant he holds no regrets over his decision to move to Stamford Bridge.

"I do not regret [joining Chelsea] at all, because it's the club I've always loved,” he insisted. “I did not play much at first but now it's starting to get better and I am very happy."


Attacks On Foreigners Continue In South Africa

Despite appeals by South African President Jacob Zuma and other political leaders for calm, violence against foreigners have continued in parts of South Africa.

South Africans living and working in other African countries braced for reprisals on Saturday as protests were reported in Mozambique, Malawi and Nigeria.

At least five people have been killed, thousands displaced and extensive property destroyed in the latest wave of xenophobic violence in South Africa, after a March 20 speech in which tribal Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini said foreigners should leave the country.

As the violence spread from the eastern port city of Durban to Pietermaritzburg and the inland financial hub of Johannesburg, Zuma announced the deployment of South African National Defence Force troops.

He said the SANDF would transfer 350 soldiers to work as immigration officers at border posts. “Furthermore, the SANDF has deployed military personnel along the borderline in seven provinces to prevent border crime activities and illegal border crossings.”

Most of the targets in South Africa have been Mozambicans, Malawians, Zimbabweans, Somalis, Congolese and Nigerians. An April 16 march against xenophobia in Durban, attended by up to 20,000 people, did little to stop the simmering tensions. There were scuffles when people opposed to foreigners tried to disrupt the march.

In their speeches in the South African Parliament on April 16, none of the main political leaders mentioned Zwelithini’s inflammatory comments, as they fear his influence over the 11 million Zulus in the country could cost them votes at election time.

However, Corne Mulder, leader of the minuscule Freedom Front Plus party, criticised Zuma, who is himself a Zulu, for not taking Zwelithini to task. In addition the South African National Defence Union on April 16 lodged a complaint with the South African Human Rights Commission over Zwelithini’s remarks.

In his March 20 address in Pongola in rural KwaZulu-Natal, Zwelithini said: “We are requesting those who come from outside to please go back to their countries.”

He said the fact that other African countries that played a role in South Africa’s struggle for liberation “should not be used as an excuse to create a situation where foreigners are allowed to inconvenience locals.”

Zwelithini said that during South Africa’s liberation struggle, South Africans did not set up businesses in these other countries. Yet now nationals from these countries were setting up businesses in South Africa.

This speech touched on a common grievance among poorer South Africans, who claim foreigners are depriving them of jobs and business opportunities. For example, on Friday, The Times newspaper in Johannesburg reported that a man “hunting foreigners” and stoning cars in Actonville, east of Johannesburg, said: “These foreigners don’t pay taxes but they have jobs.”

The official South African unemployment rate hovers around 25 percent, rising to 36 percent when the definition is expanded to include those who have given up looking for work.

However, the unemployment rate in some South African rural areas can reach 80 percent, especially among the youth.

In his parliamentary speech on Thursday, Zuma said the attacks on foreigners were “shocking and unacceptable.”

He said no amount of frustration or anger could ever justify the attacks on foreign nationals and the looting of their shops.

“We condemn the violence in the strongest possible terms. The attacks violate all the values that South Africa embodies, especially the respect for human life, human rights, human dignity and Ubuntu,” he said.

Ubuntu is a South African word for compassion and humanity.

“Our country stands firmly against all intolerances such as racism, xenophobia, homophobia and sexism,” the president said.

Zuma extended condolences to the victims’ families and wished the injured a speedy recovery.

“Any problems or issues of concern to South African citizens must be resolved peacefully and through dialogue”, he said.

Zuma said South African police had been directed to work “round the clock to protect both foreign nationals and South African citizens and to arrest looters and those committing acts of violence”.

However, while Zuma strongly condemned the attacks, he was sympathetic to the concerns of South African citizens.

“We reiterate our view that South Africans are generally not xenophobic. If they were, we would not have such a high number of foreign nationals who have been successfully integrated into communities all over our country, in towns, city and villages,” he said.

Zuma said that while some foreign nationals had been arrested for various crimes, it was misleading and wrong to label or regard all foreigners as being involved in crime.

“In addition, not all foreign nationals who reside in our country are here illegally,” he said.

This and other messages from South African politicians were seen as contradictory by Ingrid Palmary, associate professor at the Witwatersrand University African Center for Migration and Society (ACMS) in Johannesburg.

She said the rhetoric from the South African state was “unhelpful, overall”.

“What we’ve seen are contradictory messages from government officials. Sometimes there has been condemnation, but there has also been support for anti-foreigner sentiment, and sometimes inaction. What is needed was a decisive message of condemnation from all sectors of society,” she said.

According to her, the brutality of the attacks shows a failure in South Africa’s transition from apartheid to democracy.

“This kind of violence has a long history in South Africa. It shows the lack of faith that people have in official institutions”.

Chelsea 1-0 Manchester United: Mourinho's Men Extend Lead To 10 Points

Chelsea have extended their lead at the top of the table to double figures after Eden Hazard scores the only goal of the game to down United at Stamford Bridge.

The Blues’ win extends their advantage over second placed Arsenal to 10 points with both sides now having played 32 matches.

Manchester United failed to capitalise on their sustained first-half pressure and Chelsea made them pay as Hazard collected Oscar’s smart back-heel before slotting under David De Gea at the near post.

The Belgian went on to strike the crossbar from an acute angle in the second period before Louis Van Gaal's men began to further impose themselves on the match.

Radamel Falcao crashed a shot against the woodwork from the left of the box with 15 minutes to play but United were unable to break down a resilient Chelsea defence.

Ander Herrera was booked for diving in the box in stoppage time as Jose Mourinho's side take a big step towards their first league title since 2010.

Xenophobia: Nigeria Set To Evacuate Citizens From South Africa

Nigeria is now set to begin the process of evacuating its citizens from South Africa this week over xenophobic attacks on immigrants from other African countries. Nigerians who are interested in returning to their country have been told to contact the Nigerian High Commission in South Africa. 

The tribal Zulu King, Goodwill Zwelithini, was alleged to have said foreigners should leave the country in a speech on March 20, which led to the uprising.

A statement issued by the by the Nigerian Office in Pretoria on Friday called on nationals in the country to contact the office through telephone or Twitter.

VIDEO: Disturbing Footage Of Nanny Slamming 4-Month-Old Baby On The Floor

A nanny was caught on camera as she lifted the baby up and threw her back to the floor repeatedly. The helpless baby is seen crying, but there is no one to help.

This is so shocking and heartbreaking, that a human being can make an innocent baby go through such pain.

Viewer's discretion advised.

Rihanna Goes Wild In Hot Bikini With Another Man (PHOTOS)

She has been spotted in the arms of her boyfriend Chris Brown for the last couple of days as she celebrates her 25th birthday.

But Rihanna came up for air and spent part of her big day in the company of another man on Wednesday.

The Diamonds In The Sky star showed off her bikini body as she indulged in her favourite pastime of  jet-skiing with pro surfer Makua Rothman.

Make-up free and her hair drenched with water, she appeared as though she was having a ball with the world champion Hawaiian big wave surfer, musician and actor.

PHOTOS: 25 Most Controversial Moments Of Rihanna

1. RiRi hit back at fans who dared to question what the suspicious white powder on top of the man's head was in a photo she posted at Coachella Festival, labelling them 'pathetic c*nts'. Nice.

Photo - Happy Birthday Rihanna!

2. While there isn't hardly an inch of Rihanna's skin we haven't seen before, we were still shocked when she stripped completely naked for GQ in 2012.

Photo - Happy Birthday Rihanna!

3. Rihanna used to love the c-word, and would wear it emblazoned on necklaces and t-shirts, that was until she was shocked to discover the word was actually offensive.

Photo - Happy Birthday Rihanna!

4. As RiRi hit a strip club with her pals in 2012, she was seen throwing dollar bills at the performers. She tweeted: "#ROCstarshit my daddy would be proud". Yep, bet he was beaming.
5. When Rihanna appeared on 'The X Factor' final in 2010 along with Christina Aguilera, their raunchy performances racked up over 1,000 complaints to media regulator Ofcom. It led to a ruling stars would have to cover up to appear on TV before the 9pm watershed.

Photo - Happy Birthday Rihanna!

6. Rihanna was seen brazenly smoking a suspicious looking cigarette whilst holidaying in Hawaii in 2012. She even tweeted: "Kush rolled, glass full...I prefer the better things!" - and for those of you not down with drug lingo (unlike Rihanna), 'kush' is a type of marijuana from the Middle East.

7. "Come here rude boy, boy can you get it up?" sings Rihanna on her 2010 hit 'Rude Boy'. Such a good role model.

Photo - Happy Birthday Rihanna!

8. Rihanna had us all worried when she tweeted a picture of herself hooked up to a drip and then went quiet. While everyone speculated she had been rushed to hospital, suffering from exhaustion, others said she was receiving an intravenous vitamin boost, popular with many popstars.

9. Rihanna and Chris Brown teamed up to record 'Birthday Cake' for her sixth album 'Talk That Talk' in 2011, giving us the first sign they were back in contact after he beat her in 2009.

Photo - Happy Birthday Rihanna!

10. Rihanna dresses as a weed fairy for a Halloween party in Hollywood in 2012. Whatever happened to plain old Frankenstein, eh?

Photo - Happy Birthday Rihanna!

11. While most of the male population may love RiRi getting naked, one person who didn't was farmer Alderman Alan Graham. After she froliced around topless while on his farm to film the video to 'We Found Love' in 2010, he insisted the star cover up or get off his land.

Photo - Happy Birthday Rihanna!

12. This was the scene of a New York nightclub in June 2012 after a brawl erupted between Chris Brown and Drake, allegedly over Rihanna. 

13. The world was aghast when Rihanna confessed she was still in love with ex Chris Brown during a tearful interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2012.

Photo - Happy Birthday Rihanna!

14. Rihanna unveiled a shocking new addition to her body art in 2009 - a tattoo of a gun on the side of her rib cage.

15. Rihanna singing about 'chains and whips', whilst provocatively sucking on her finger. Her video for 201 hit 'S&M' was RiRi at her saucy pop best.

Photo - Happy Birthday Rihanna!

16. In what was to become the biggest PR disaster ever, Rihanna invited a bunch of journalists and fans to fly around the world with her as she plays seven gigs in seven countries in seven days. The result was far from a party in the sky, with the journos comparing it to prison as RiRi refused them access to her, and only made two brief appearances during the whole week.

Photo - Happy Birthday Rihanna!

17. Amid rumours they were more than just friends again, Rihanna planted a smacker on ex Chris Brown at 2012's MTV VMAs, leaving viewers gobsmacked.

Photo - Happy Birthday Rihanna!

18. Rihanna was at the centre of a race row when she picture of a bag of rice cakes wearing sunglasses and a pair of earrings alongside the caption: "Ima a make u my b****". Later in 2012, her best friend used the term (which is a slur against people from Asia) to insult Chris Brown's ex Karrueche Tran, who is part Asian.

Photo - Happy Birthday Rihanna!

19. She may have appeared as a guest at the Victoria's Secret Show in 2012, but RiRi saved her sauciest antics for after the show when she tweeted a snap of herself in a state of undress.

20. Rihanna has never made any secret of her fondness for a bit of the green stuff and told fans she 'didn't really give a f*ck' what they thought when she tweeted a picture of a nug of weed in 2012. Charming.

Photo - Happy Birthday Rihanna!

21. After months of speculation, Rihanna finally confirmed she was back wither her abusive ex Chris Brown in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine in January 2013.

Photo - Happy Birthday Rihanna!

22. RiRi was branded a 'desperate freak' by PETA in 2012 when she stepped out wearing snakeskin boots. "Rihanna may not have a clue that snakes killed for boots are often nailed to a tree and skinned alive. Of course, they can't go on Oprah to cry about it," they said. Ouch.

Photo - Happy Birthday Rihanna!

23. Rihanna seemed to enjoy riding on a rather suggestive looking pink tank during Last Girl On Earth tour in 2010 a little too much, if you ask us.

Photo - Happy Birthday Rihanna!

24. Rihanna was criticised for a shaky performance at a Swedish music festival in 2012 after she arrived 45 minutes late on stage, seemed disorientated and was accused of miming. It followed the death of her beloved GranGran Dolly days earlier.

Photo - Happy Birthday Rihanna!

25. Errr, yes Rihanna, we can see your nipples. And your underwear.

BOVI: Man On Fire (VIDEOS)

Watch the funny skits of the upcoming comedy concert to be held at the prestigious Eko Hotel and Suites on March 10, 2013.

VIDEO: When Wizkid Was Introduced To EME

A flash back of when Banky W introduced Wizkid as a member of the E.M.E Crew.

RnB Singer Paul Play Drags MTN To Court

RnB singer, Paul Play Dairo has dragged mobile telecommunications giant, MTN and Ultima Limited to court for the unlawful use of his smash song, "Angel of my life" in the popular reality TV show, MTN Project Fame West Africa. 

The music star was faraway in the United States of America last year when the song was used without proper licensing.

Speaking on the matter, Paul Play confirmed that his management was hiring the legal services of Festus Keyamo chambers to serve both organisations the suit. "Yes, it is very true that I am suing MTN and Ultima Limited for the unlawful use of my song. I have contacted my lawyers and they are on it" he said.

According to reports, the Rn B crooner is demanding a huge sum of N500 million as compensation from both organisation.

Meanwhile, in a reaction posted online, Ultima Limited (Ultima) which has produced the reality show for the last five years, claimed that it has annually made the statutory payments due and required for the use of musical works for both local and international artistes used on the Project Fame show.

"In the first two years, Ultima paid the Performing and Mechanical Rights Society Ltd/Gte (PMRS) – which was the government approved collecting agency at the time, for all musical works that Ultima used; and from the third year when PMRS became Copyrights Society of Nigeria (COSON), Ultima paid COSON for all the songs used in those years.

For the past five seasons of Project Fame  therefore, Ultima has annually made the statutory payments due and required for the use of musical works for both local and international artistes used on the Project Fame show. Ultima duly paid COSON for use of such music and as such if Paul Play has any issue with payment of royalties for the use of his musical works, it should be worked out with COSON and not Ultima nor MTN," Ultima management stated. 

Man Finds Out His Wife Is Really His Sister


One man has reportedly just found out that he and his wife, the mother to his three children, are half-siblings -- but he has yet to tell her the news.

In a letter, a husband reveals that he and his wife were both "born to lesbians" -- he to a single woman and she to a couple.

Unlike his wife, who'd met her biological father when she was 18, the man never felt the need to find his sperm donor until recently. His findings have left him in turmoil.

It turns out, his mother and his wife's mothers had gone to different sperm banks, but, as the man writes, "it appears so did our father."

He describes his anxiety in telling his wife and even that he is considering keeping the discovery a secret.

"I can't help but think 'This is my sister' every time I look at her now," he writes.

Because the writer is anonymous, skepticism surrounds the letter. One reader suggests that the story is "a fiction pushing a political agenda."

- Huffington Post

Laspotech Girl Beaten To Death By Boyfriend

•OlayindeA part-time Business Administration Student of Lagos State Polytechnic, Miss Olayinde Bournes, 22, has allegedly been beaten to death by her boyfriend, Abuchi Cyril.

The incident happened  Thursday at Shorinmade Street, Aguda-Ogba area of Lagos State, southwest Nigeria.

According to Miss Titilayo Fagbamila, friend of the deceased girl, she always complained to her that her boyfriend, Abuchi always beat her at the slightest provocation.

She said that on Thursday when the tragedy occurred, Abuchi invited Olayinde to his house along Shorinmade Street, to see his travel documents.

The late Miss Olayinde Bournes

Titilayo said nobody knew what happened when the lovers were together but it is believed that they had a misunderstanding which may have led to a fight.

Sources at 17, Muibi Street residence of the deceased told P.M.NEWS that  after the fight with her boyfriend, the victim was rushed to G&S Hospital where she was confirmed dead before the corpse was taken to Ikeja General Hospital for autopsy.

Abuchi was immediately arrested and taken to Area 'G' Police Command, Ogba, for interrogation.

When our correspondent visited Area 'G', Ogba, Friday morning, the suspect was seen writing his statement.

When contacted for comment, the Area 'G' Commander, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Mr. Ishola Abdulahi, declined to speak on the issue, saying it  was too early as investigation was going on.

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